Creating a Platform for Underrepresented Artists

We are pleased to announce the release of a Limited Edition puzzle in collaboration with Creative Growth Art Center to celebrate their 50th Anniversary. 

fingers holding brightly colored interlinked puzzle pieces with other pieces in the background (Photo Credit to Cary Pasqualle

The puzzle itself is a bright colorful painting by Fruitful Artist, who has been practicing at Creative Growth since 2015. It. has all of our favorite aspects of a puzzle including filling the frame with a variety of colors, repeated patterns and fun composition.

This partnership fits in the heart of our mission and our lives. We strive to expand artistic representation within the jigsaw puzzle industry and are proud to be innovators in this regard. The contributions of folks who are developmentally disabled and neuro-atypical are often overlooked in our culture, but we have been happy to see a wider appreciation for this work emerging in the Bay Area.

These special puzzles can be pre-ordered here.

A colorful  jigsaw puzzle with a variety of fruit artistically rendered

Increasingly, there is more awareness of Creative Growth and recognition of the artistic contributions of participating artists and we're here for it! Major museums have featured Creative Growth and San Francisco's Creativity Explored. OMCA recently exhibited Into The Brightness and a 6-month SFMOMA show, The House that Art Built with Creative Growth launches April 6th. Check out this fantastic video by Great Big Story about Creative Growth.

Creating a Platform for Underrepresented Artists
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