Kickstarter Deliveries and Now in Stores

We fulfilled all of our Kickstarter rewards culminating in a visit with Hilliard Architects, who backed our Kickstarter campaign at a sponsor level. Next, we caught up on web orders, so we're prepared to expand our inventory and our reach. We expect the prints for our current pre-orders to arrive in the first week of August and we will begin production on those puzzles, with the expectation of fulfilling orders in the 2nd and 3rd week of August.

Although we expected to focus on establishing our retail presence in fall, we've organically developed relationships with some local shops and we've been able to begin building retail locations. To celebrate, we added a store finder on our website. We expect to be adding a few more stores in the upcoming weeks.

We realize that internet sales can be detrimental to small brick and mortar businesses, and we'd like to encourage you to save on shipping and visit your local retailer. If they don't carry our puzzles, you can encourage them to ;-)

Currently, you can find our puzzles in the gift shop at Oakland Museum of California and at It's Your Move in Temescal. We're expecting to add at least a few other retail locations next week.

Two people smiling into the camera in front of the gift shop at Oakland Museum of California
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