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Rainbow is our favorite color. Our Proud! puzzle is a blast to put together...this is one that is fun, fun, fun! This 500-piece puzzle is 16x24 inches and ribbon cut

Find the Proud! puzzle guide here

About Proud! Puzzle

We created this image to center and celebrate Pride while highlighting the joy and strength in the diversity of the Bay Area community. "Have Fun. Do Good." is our motto and is a way of life in our hometown of Oakland, CA. The bright colors in our Proud! puzzle represent the vast spectrum of our communities alongside the hard-won joys and freedoms LGBTQIA+ people have fought for across the Bay Area. Just as puzzles are a harmony of interconnected pieces, Oakland's LGBTQIA+ community is known for its intersectional approach to liberation and celebration for everyone. We aren't all the same, and we are Proud! of the whole we make. 

About the Artist: DeAnna Tibbs

A woman with a camera on a tripod atop on rocks at the shore.

DeAnna is a 3rd-generation Bay Area photographer and a partner of Oakland Puzzle Company. Her focus is on landscape and nature photography, but she also loves still-life and portraits. She lives in North Oakland with her husband, daughter, three cats, and a dog. You can find her on Instagram @deannadtibbs


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