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California St. Cable Car

California St. Cable Car

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About the Puzzle
We love this fresh take on a beloved and iconic San Francisco view. This puzzle is appealing to locals and visitors alike, and makes a great gift or souvenir. This 500-piece puzzle is 16x24-inches and ribbon-cut.
About the Image

The view down California Street with a beloved San Francisco Cable Car in the foreground is our updated take on the classic image historically featured in films and advertisements, notably on mid-century airline travel posters. Measuring over 5 miles, California is one of the longest streets in San Francisco and is a major thoroughfare boasting many landmarks. The Cable Car runs on the Eastern portion between Market and Van Ness. Photographers from around the Bay Area gather at this location some mornings based on the sun’s position. This photo was taken on one early morning in September of 2018.

About the Artist

A portrait of Emanuel DeSousa, sitting casually in a brightly printed t-shirt, smiling warmly into the cameraEmanuel DeSousa (aka freshhfotography) is a Bay Area-based photographer who discovered his passion for photography in 2013.  His love for capturing the beauty of his hometown area through his lens has evolved into an expertise in photojournalism and street photography. Emanuel's work encourages people to slow down and appreciate the moments often overlooked in the fast-paced world we live in. Through his lenses, he captures snapshots that tell stories, preserving them for a lifetime. His work can also be seen on his website and Instagram. Also, check out his Grand Lake Theatre  t-shirt collaboration with Oaklandish!
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