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Greetings from Oakland

Greetings from Oakland

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About the Puzzle

That's the spirit of The Town! This puzzle based on a vintage Oakland postcard will be fun for everyone. This 500-piece puzzle is 16x24 inches and ribbon cut

Download the puzzle guide here.

About the Image

We found this image through Wikimedia which details it as one of the thousands of free-use images of Boston Public Library and thought it would be a great complement to our other images. We aren’t the only ones, as this image was the most popular of our Kickstarter campaign. This comes as no surprise since retro, classic, and familiar images often go hand-in-hand with jigsaw puzzles. 

We’d like to say plainly that we are not out to romanticize the past! That being said, there are so many things about this image that still accurately represent what is wonderful about Oakland. A lot could be said to interpret these images, but we will simply call attention to the gorgeous geographic and architectural features of our city that allow us to enjoy a wide range of activities in this beautiful place.

About the Artist

Tichnor Brothers was a graphic design and printing company that operated in Boston for most of the 20th century. They are known as one of the biggest players in city postcards and are especially known for their large-letter postcards


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