Paul Lewin Artist Series Now Available


Three puzzle boxes featuring colorful images from the Paul Lewin Artist Series

Our latest releases are a series of three paintings by Paul Lewin. Paul's art is deeply influenced by San Francisco murals and his full-time art career launched in Oakland after several solo shows at Betti Ono Gallery. His themes include his ancestral Jamaica, nature, science fiction, and dream worlds, leading to images that are exquisitely colorful and transcendent. Here's a shoutout to our friends at Rainbow Grocery who connected us with him. 

The puzzles in the Paul Lewin Artist Series include Hummingbird Spirit, Microcosm, and Kianga.

See the whole collection here!

Paul Lewin is an acclaimed painter, creating small-scale wood pieces to murals. His work has previously been featured on three jigsaw puzzles and four Octavia Butler novel covers. He is Jamaican-born and after spending 17 years in the Bay Area, Paul returned to the Miami area to be closer to family and the community of his youth. He has been nominated for a World Fantasy Award and Hugo Award. Read his artist statement on the product pages. You can find more of Paul's work on his Webpage and Instagram
Paul Lewin Artist Series Now Available
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